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Love of all things green and pink and theater and broadway.

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Once upon a time, my crazy group of friends, littleglinda, lookatthissteak, and Stacy, our computer illiterate friend, were just chatting and being the wicked-obessed fans we are, decided to create a little group called W-UNIT. The W stands for Wicked, if you didn't know (and you should know, ALEX!).

But W-UNIT isn't all about the Wicked. It's also about the Norbert, the Once On This Island, the JRB, and much more random things like volcano's and diet coke. Once you get past the initiation ceremony, it's a wonderful little group with lots of heart. It's almost like a little family, disfunctions and all (Sara doesn't like to take showers.)

But since we'd like this to be a little family, we need to lay down some ground rules.

1) Be nice to one another. We don't want mean people in W-UNIT. Bros before Hos.

2) If you want to join, make sure you know one of us. If you read our journal and talk to us on IM, email us or send out a quick Im and we'll shoot you an invite- if we like you.

3) Take showers every day. (SARA!)

4) Once you're approved, post and tell us your name, age, favorite musical or play, dream role, most embarrassing moment, location, favorite day of the week, how long you've loved theatre, favorite type of shoe (for me, really.) and anything else you'd like to add!

5) Also, let Sara or Malory know that you've signed up by emailing us ( malory@gmail.com -OR- RedHeadedFedex@aol.com ) or else IM us ( malorygirl16 -OR- RedHeadedFedex) and tell us why you think you should be a part of W-UNIT. What can you contribute? Why do you want to join? What are your views on the unification of Germany? We want to be a close-nit group so it's vital we know these things!

6) Uh, that's it? Okay, that's all.

So you see, we're not mean or elitist, but we do want to have a little community were we can escape the pressures of wicked_musical.

Mal xoxo


Contact information
SARA: redheadedfedex@aol.com
  • AIM: redheadedfedex
    MALORY: malory@gmail.com
  • AIM: Super Blonde 199

    MALORY'S JOURNAL: call_the_cops
    SARA'S JOURNAL: battle_slinky
    W-UNIT FORUM: Click here

    Themed Weeks (So Far)
    Disney Princess Week (Sept 12, 2004)