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Beginnings of Disney Princess Week

"i have the most awesome awesome idea in the history of awesome ideas. this is an awesome idea. for disney princess week we each pick the princess we wanna be and why, and do icons and all that fun stuff <3 ahh, it'll be so fun."

That's Liz's idea, and I think it's great! So, now, post a comment on here about which Disney Princess you wanna be and why. (Make sure to put that Princess' name and what movie she was from so there's no confusion) Then you can do all your icons/banners/poems/drawings/what-the-heck-ever over that Princess. Sound like fun?

Alice is supposed to be making a Disney Princess layout. You still working on that, kiddo? This is gonna be awesome, you guys! I'm excited.

Also, would anybody be interesting in taking the time to build a W-Unit website?


PS: I call dibs on Ariel, the Little Mermaid Princess
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what princess' have brown hair...disney discriminates against brunnettes...ohhh I WANT TO BE SNOW WHITE! she has brown hair...ok that was pointless but thats my princess... :)
Belle has brown hair too :)
But I'm Belle. =) I love Beauty and the Beast. I'm Belle! ^_^
I call Cinderella! If you all don't mind? Don't worry, I'm still working on the layout.
yesssss for awesome ideas. i need to pick a princess... which one is like me?

there arent any ghetto ones...
lmao, liz. about a princess who kicks ass and sings and kills people?

...oh, wait, this is disney, ain't it? damn.

how about mulan? or jasmine?
Brandy's kinda ghetto. She played Cinderella... you could call Brandy, but Cinderella's already taken... darn.