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Fellow Pirates!

A few events have happened that haven't been posted about. Once again, we've been lazy and we apologize. We're really crappy mods, and we're really sorry! It seems we only update on Sundays when we're putting off homework. But we've decided to get our sloppy act together and inform you of some things that happened these last few weeks.

Malory decided to make a new LJ because she was very bored and she was tired of /hollywoodcharm. So if you don't have the friend "call_the_cops", then you should add her. She's really sweet and pretty and a great dancer and can make your hair grow long like gypsies. She's also writing this in case you can't tell.

Our first official week is DISNEY PRINCESS WEEK! We'll have icons, wallpapers, favorite disney princess stories, and just a general celebration of the disney gals that we love. You guys have to help us out by posting stuff!

MEMBERS! We need to know if you still want to be in W-unit. So POST a comment on this entry. We hate to be harsh, and we're sorry that we suck. But if you don't post withing a few weeks, we'll have to delete you! Sara is currently working on a forum so we can have general disscusions and merriment.

Also, we made some icons for W-UNIT members only! This is just the result of us putting off homework and being big dorks:

And now some random crap from Sara:

Remember, we do have AIM! I've even got a Yahoo! ID. So let us know your screennames so we can all chat and stuff! And we want to do special birthday celebrations, so if your birthday's coming up, let us know! I'll make Malory make you a special icon and we'll put up a special birthday layout and junk! You could even have your own birthday week. (Maybe) And for each week, we'll have contests for the best icons/banners/etc. Malory will be made to make you a special award icon!! So send in stuff!!

Malory's birthday is November 4th, so get ready for "Four Days of Malory" week. Wow.

We just found out that Malory has 2,306 emails on her old account. This we gotta see. Okay. We love you all!! Bye!!

Mal xoxo
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