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name  Sara
age 15
favorite musical  right know its little shop but it changes on a weekly basis depends on what im listening too, last week it was Assassins, other times its been Avenue Q, YAGMCB...i guess you guys get it now
Dream Role  i have a couple, well id like to be glinda in wicked but i cant hit the notes...umm or Maisy in Suessical themusical, or Sally in YAGMCB
Most embarassing moment  happened in chem the other day i dropped the crucible and yelled a not too school friendly word, the whole class turned silent and face was very red...then there are others...but lets not get into that
Location  CVILLE! umm catonsville MD...but were ganster like that and call it cville
Favorite day of the week  FRIDAY! because of football games and drama club
How long have you loved theatre  since 2nd grade(ish)
Favorite type of shoe  STILETTOS!



i dont understand the email part of being accepted becuase you should know if we've been accepted but ill still do it, and thanks for letting me in!

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