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Hello everyone

Name: Jessica (jessi, Jessyca, dude blonde chick, umm yah just about anything i answer to!)
Age: 18
Favorite musical or play: Wicked, Chicago, Aida, YMAGB, Les Mis,
Dream role: Lucy in YAGMCB (yes im blonde but i dont care!!!), Galinda in Wicked, Cozette in Les mis, anything in Aida,
Most embarrassing moment: I actually got caught on a sale rack at work in front of a DM and coulld not get unstuck!!!! that was horrible
Location: Lakeland FL (30 mins form disney)
Favorite day of the week: HMMM SAT unlimited calling to my best friend
How long you've loved theatre: actually forever
How long I've wanted to act: I've known that i wanted to preform for as long as i can remember whether it was singing or acting or dancing
Favorite type of shoe:i guess my hot pink flip flops but anyshoe is good i love clothing and shopping so ummm... yah!!! I like shoes
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