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Dearest Darlingest members of W-UNIT,

As the forerunners or this community, Sara and I have decided that we don't know any of you! I mean, we had the survey but we aren't in contact with the majority of you. We hardly even know y'all's names!

So! In light of this realization, we want you guys to talk to us! Like all the time! We also want to know more about you than your own mother does! This is supposed to be a tight, close nit community and we want to know about your deepest darkest secrets, your wildest dreams, your original hair color, and your views on the unification of Germany!

So here are our AIM screen names:
Malory: malorygirl16
Sara: redheadedfedex

We EXPECT you to IM us or we'll... we'll... do something REALLY mean!

Cole Porter week has gone down the drain and we want you, in your first assignment, to tell us what our next week should be! Keep it clean, no penis week, no totalitarian rule of Russia week, no telephone week. We all love our cell phones, but not that much.

Some ideas: Bad musical week, Disney on Ice week, Idina Menzel week, Love song week, Jason Robert Brown week, Wizard of Oz week, etc, etc.

Mal xoxo
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