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a lifelong dream fulfilled

name: Lauren
age: 15
favorite musical or play: Wicked
dream role: Elphaba in Wicked...I can't sing or dance
most embarrassing moment: ok I can't think of any...let me dig way back into my memories. ok I got one, probably not most embarassing but, you'll deal. So in my junior high gym class my crazy gym teacher would make us run the 400 meter. And I suck at running. So are track was half on the feild where the guys in our grade were playing softball. So when I and four other non-runners ran on the field they were cheering for us but in that "HA I'm better than you" way. I don't know it was just kind of embarassing.
location: Chicago, IL...ok I lied, Riverside, IL, its like 5 miles from Chicago
favorite day of the week: Tuesday, even in the school year
how long you've loved theatre: Oh god, I've got a this year my school was doing Anything Goes as its spring musical (I wasn't in it, can't sing) and there's this senior guy I was like in love with who was the reporter. So I went to see it twice and I fell in love with the music and bougth the soundtrack. The one with Eileen Rodgers. Although I've only been a Broadway fanatic for a short while I've made up for it. I have like 30 soundtracks. (thanks to dad getting me them for free.)
favorite type of shoe: ballet flats...not the actual ballet slipper but those flats that are really hot right now
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