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newbie.. [13 Sep 2004|04:07pm]

Name: Carly
Age: 17
Favorite musical or play: I'm in love with Wicked, [of course] but I've always loved The Sound of Music and Fiddler on the Roof.
Dream role: Glinda in Wicked, or Golde in Fiddler on the Roof.
Most embarrassing moment: On stage? Probably the time I was in South Pacific, and there was a scene where all the nurses were running across the stage... in a dress rehearsal, I was running along, and all of the sudden, I tripped and sprawled out all the way across the stage. ...In front of the entire cast of the musical. All my friends. =)
Location: central New York
Favorite day of the week: Saturday
How long you've loved theatre: Ever since the first time I saw The Wizard of Oz, when I was about 4, I knew I wanted to be in it.
Favorite type of shoe: My pink Converse Chucks with green laces!!

And now.. dun dun dunnnnn... Princesses!

Princess Jasmine!

I chose Jasmine because she's cute and loveable, but she knows how to have some good fun. Plus, who wouldn't want hair like that?!

Nice to be here, thanks guys! Represent!! ;)

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hi, all! [12 Sep 2004|09:08pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Name: Kim
Age: 18
Fave Musical: Wicked, Avenue Q, Side Show, Into the Woods, City of Angels
Fave Play (dramatic): House of Blue Leaves
Fave Play (comedic): Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Dream Role (I wish): Elphaba, Violet
Dream Role (realistic): The Baker's Wife
Most Embarassing Moment: Too many ^_^;;;
Location: Tampa, Florida (yaaaay hurricanes.)
Favorite day of the week: Friday. n_n The weekend and all the best TV shows.
How long you've loved theatre: I think I was listening to a recording of Fiddler on the Roof when I was 6 or 7.
Favorite type of shoe: Pretty but comfortable ones. n_n

For my Disney princess, I claim Megara. She's played by Susan Egan, the original Belle on Broadway. She kicks major ass. She *lets a building fall on her* for the one she loves. And she backsasses the Lord of the Underworld. YAY for Meg!

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and liz's princess is... [12 Sep 2004|10:08pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Mulan! she's so cute and insecure in reflection (pre dirrty christina!) but then kicked ass and took names. Lets see the other princesses go shmanly, haha.


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[12 Sep 2004|05:46pm]

[ mood | tired ]


Name: Alex
Age: 16
Fave Musical: Wicked
Fave Play (dramatic): The Crucible or 'The Laramie Project'
Fave Play (comedic): 'Rumors' or 'The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940'
Dream Role (I wish): Elphaba
Dream Role (realistic): Bella from 'Lost in Yonkers'
Most Embarassing Moment: Wearing my swimsuit in public
Location: Las Vegas, Sin City, Nevada
Favorite day of the week: Thursday 'cause I'm usally looking forward to something on Friday
How long you've loved theatre: Since I saw 'You're a Good Man Charlie Brown' tour at a local theatre. I think I was seven. This was before it was revised
Favorite type of shoe: OMG converse!!

And for Disney Princess week:

She so counts

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Malory's Princess! [12 Sep 2004|07:12pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I picked the lovley POCAHONTAS because she's an beautiful indian princess who gets to bone Mel Gibson.

Actually, I love all the music she sings. Stephen S. (who did the music for Wicked) does all the lyrics for her. It's just a great story about love and sacrifcing the way you've always done things... for a new way. I just like her!

Pocahontas could kick Ariel's ass any day! She also has a sequel and she's based off a real girl. MERMAIDS AREN'T REAL, SARA!

Mal xoxo
(Beat that!)
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Ariel Rocks [12 Sep 2004|06:42pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I pick ARIEL because all she'd have to do to beat up any of the other Disney Princesses is grab them by their hair and drag them underwater til they drown and DIE. Bwahahahahahaha!!

Also, she's got a beautiful voice and red hair and she's strong and independent and doesn't let a little thing like Giganto-Ursula get in the way of true love. Plus she used a fork to comb her hair. And she talks to fish. And she has her own sequel AND cartoon series and because....uh...she's the favorite of six kids.


(Beat that!)
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Belle from Beauty and the Beast!!!! [12 Sep 2004|10:31am]

[ mood | chipper ]

For Disney Princess Week, I chose Belle!


Why? Because! She's beautiful, she can sing, she reads all the time(unlike most of those other Disney Princesses -_-), and she falls in love with a Beast! How cool is that? She breaks the spell by loving him and they live happily ever after.

The end!!!

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***DISNEY PRINCESS WEEK*** [12 Sep 2004|10:12am]

[ mood | excited ]

*in a sing-songy voice*
Hellooooo, members of W-Unit!! Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom there was an elitist Broadway Gang and their first official week (because Cole Porter week didn't work out) was DISNEY PRINCESS WEEK!!!

Are you guys ready? Your first assignment is to post (actually post, not just comment) on which Princess you picked and why you think she is the best Disney Princess ever!!

Later on, we'll have things like icons, banners, color bars, and whatever else. Prepare for lots of singing and happy endings!! Enjoy, kids!!! Post away!!


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whore. yes me. [11 Sep 2004|05:39pm]

[ mood | creative ]

galinda the good... graphic makerCollapse )

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Disney Princess Graphics [09 Sep 2004|10:06pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I'm reeeeeally excited about Disney Princess week, you guys!! To show my uber enthusiasm, I'm going to post some neat-o graphics I've made. There's only two. Get over it. LOL.

You guys should all post your stuff as well!!

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Disney Princess Notes [06 Sep 2004|08:59pm]

Okay!! Disney Princess Week starts Sunday, September 12, and lasts...well, until we pick another week. Our weeks could be seven days, seventeen days, however many we want. We have weird weeks at W-Unit.

Here are the Princesses claimed so far:

  • Ariel: Sara (littleglinda)
  • Cinderella: Malory (call_the_cops)
  • Belle: Kelly (lookatthissteak)
  • Snow White: Sara (theatre_caw)
  • Sleeping Beauty: Alice (divine_whisper)

    And that's that! So that leaves Liz to pick a Princess. LOL. Take your time, Liz!!

    Enjoy, kidlings!!

    Also, don't forget to sign up at the message board!


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    Beginnings of Disney Princess Week [06 Sep 2004|10:38am]

    [ mood | creative ]

    "i have the most awesome awesome idea in the history of awesome ideas. this is an awesome idea. for disney princess week we each pick the princess we wanna be and why, and do icons and all that fun stuff <3 ahh, it'll be so fun."

    That's Liz's idea, and I think it's great! So, now, post a comment on here about which Disney Princess you wanna be and why. (Make sure to put that Princess' name and what movie she was from so there's no confusion) Then you can do all your icons/banners/poems/drawings/what-the-heck-ever over that Princess. Sound like fun?

    Alice is supposed to be making a Disney Princess layout. You still working on that, kiddo? This is gonna be awesome, you guys! I'm excited.

    Also, would anybody be interesting in taking the time to build a W-Unit website?


    PS: I call dibs on Ariel, the Little Mermaid Princess
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    W-Unit Forum [05 Sep 2004|06:30pm]



    Tada!! There is our forum. Enjoy, kids!! Sign up and soon we'll all be chatting the night away!!

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    LATE BREAKING NEWS! [05 Sep 2004|04:20pm]

    [ mood | lazy ]

    Fellow Pirates!

    A few events have happened that haven't been posted about. Once again, we've been lazy and we apologize. We're really crappy mods, and we're really sorry! It seems we only update on Sundays when we're putting off homework. But we've decided to get our sloppy act together and inform you of some things that happened these last few weeks.

    Malory decided to make a new LJ because she was very bored and she was tired of /hollywoodcharm. So if you don't have the friend "call_the_cops", then you should add her. She's really sweet and pretty and a great dancer and can make your hair grow long like gypsies. She's also writing this in case you can't tell.

    Our first official week is DISNEY PRINCESS WEEK! We'll have icons, wallpapers, favorite disney princess stories, and just a general celebration of the disney gals that we love. You guys have to help us out by posting stuff!

    MEMBERS! We need to know if you still want to be in W-unit. So POST a comment on this entry. We hate to be harsh, and we're sorry that we suck. But if you don't post withing a few weeks, we'll have to delete you! Sara is currently working on a forum so we can have general disscusions and merriment.

    Also, we made some icons for W-UNIT members only! This is just the result of us putting off homework and being big dorks:

    Read more...Collapse )

    And now some random crap from Sara:

    Remember, we do have AIM! I've even got a Yahoo! ID. So let us know your screennames so we can all chat and stuff! And we want to do special birthday celebrations, so if your birthday's coming up, let us know! I'll make Malory make you a special icon and we'll put up a special birthday layout and junk! You could even have your own birthday week. (Maybe) And for each week, we'll have contests for the best icons/banners/etc. Malory will be made to make you a special award icon!! So send in stuff!!

    Malory's birthday is November 4th, so get ready for "Four Days of Malory" week. Wow.

    We just found out that Malory has 2,306 emails on her old account. This we gotta see. Okay. We love you all!! Bye!!

    Mal xoxo

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    And the survey says.... [05 Sep 2004|02:15pm]

    [ mood | cheerful ]

    Age: 13
    Favorite Musical:Wicked! But I also love Rent and I can't wait to see Bklyn
    Dream Role: I have a few...G(a)linda or Elphaba, or Maureen or Mimi from Rent
    Most Embarassing Moment: Well...I can't think of one right now...probably the other day I was walking home from my bus stop and I was singing (Wicked) and people started clapping, I must have looked like a tomato!
    Location: D.C....well really Maryland :)
    Favorite day of the Week Umm...Friday for now because it feels like freedom :)
    How long have you loved theatre:For as long as I can remember...
    Favorite type of shoe:I can't live without my filp-flops

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    hi [05 Sep 2004|12:48pm]

    [ mood | cheerful ]

    name  Sara
    age 15
    favorite musical  right know its little shop but it changes on a weekly basis depends on what im listening too, last week it was Assassins, other times its been Avenue Q, YAGMCB...i guess you guys get it now
    Dream Role  i have a couple, well id like to be glinda in wicked but i cant hit the notes...umm or Maisy in Suessical themusical, or Sally in YAGMCB
    Most embarassing moment  happened in chem the other day i dropped the crucible and yelled a not too school friendly word, the whole class turned silent and stared...my face was very red...then there are others...but lets not get into that
    Location  CVILLE!...er umm catonsville MD...but were ganster like that and call it cville
    Favorite day of the week  FRIDAY! because of football games and drama club
    How long have you loved theatre  since 2nd grade(ish)
    Favorite type of shoe  STILETTOS!



    i dont understand the email part of being accepted becuase you should know if we've been accepted but ill still do it, and thanks for letting me in!

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    Hello everyone [22 Aug 2004|10:20am]

    [ mood | ditzy ]

    Name: Jessica (jessi, Jessyca, dude blonde chick, umm yah just about anything i answer to!)
    Age: 18
    Favorite musical or play: Wicked, Chicago, Aida, YMAGB, Les Mis,
    Dream role: Lucy in YAGMCB (yes im blonde but i dont care!!!), Galinda in Wicked, Cozette in Les mis, anything in Aida,
    Most embarrassing moment: I actually got caught on a sale rack at work in front of a DM and coulld not get unstuck!!!! that was horrible
    Location: Lakeland FL (30 mins form disney)
    Favorite day of the week: HMMM SAT unlimited calling to my best friend
    How long you've loved theatre: actually forever
    How long I've wanted to act: I've known that i wanted to preform for as long as i can remember whether it was singing or acting or dancing
    Favorite type of shoe:i guess my hot pink flip flops but anyshoe is good i love clothing and shopping so ummm... yah!!! I like shoes

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    URGENT MESSAGE!! [21 Aug 2004|04:18pm]

    [ mood | determined ]

    Dearest Darlingest members of W-UNIT,

    As the forerunners or this community, Sara and I have decided that we don't know any of you! I mean, we had the survey but we aren't in contact with the majority of you. We hardly even know y'all's names!

    So! In light of this realization, we want you guys to talk to us! Like all the time! We also want to know more about you than your own mother does! This is supposed to be a tight, close nit community and we want to know about your deepest darkest secrets, your wildest dreams, your original hair color, and your views on the unification of Germany!

    So here are our AIM screen names:
    Malory: malorygirl16
    Sara: redheadedfedex

    We EXPECT you to IM us or we'll... we'll... do something REALLY mean!

    Cole Porter week has gone down the drain and we want you, in your first assignment, to tell us what our next week should be! Keep it clean, no penis week, no totalitarian rule of Russia week, no telephone week. We all love our cell phones, but not that much.

    Some ideas: Bad musical week, Disney on Ice week, Idina Menzel week, Love song week, Jason Robert Brown week, Wizard of Oz week, etc, etc.

    Mal xoxo

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    Forget about the boy, forget about the boy, FORGET ABOUT THE BOOOOOOOOOOY! [15 Aug 2004|11:54pm]

    [ mood | cheerful ]

    Name: Kelly (aka Rice Cakes)
    Age: 16
    Favorite musical or play: Property Rites, Night of January 16th, Wicked, Rent, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
    Dream role: Elphaba, Nessa or Glinda in Wicked, Maureen in Rent, Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie, Sally or Lucy in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
    Most embarrassing moment: Err, I'd rather not say, but let's just say that it was all Sara's fault. *playfully points finger at Sara and sticks out tongue*
    Location: Oklahoma
    Favorite day of the week: Sunday
    How long you've loved theatre: Ever since I saw Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted I've wanted to act. I was about 10 or 11.
    Favorite type of shoe: Converse chucks and those ruby slippers Dorothy wore.

    We need to name the froggy. ^_^

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    a gang...my lifelong dream fulfilled [15 Aug 2004|09:25pm]

    name: Lauren
    age: 15
    favorite musical or play: Wicked
    dream role: Elphaba in Wicked...I can't sing or dance
    most embarrassing moment: ok I can't think of any...let me dig way back into my memories. ok I got one, probably not most embarassing but, you'll deal. So in my junior high gym class my crazy gym teacher would make us run the 400 meter. And I suck at running. So are track was half on the feild where the guys in our grade were playing softball. So when I and four other non-runners ran on the field they were cheering for us but in that "HA I'm better than you" way. I don't know it was just kind of embarassing.
    location: Chicago, IL...ok I lied, Riverside, IL, its like 5 miles from Chicago
    favorite day of the week: Tuesday, even in the school year
    how long you've loved theatre: Oh god, I've got a story...so this year my school was doing Anything Goes as its spring musical (I wasn't in it, can't sing) and there's this senior guy I was like in love with who was the reporter. So I went to see it twice and I fell in love with the music and bougth the soundtrack. The one with Eileen Rodgers. Although I've only been a Broadway fanatic for a short while I've made up for it. I have like 30 soundtracks. (thanks to dad getting me them for free.)
    favorite type of shoe: ballet flats...not the actual ballet slipper but those flats that are really hot right now
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